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Overview Of What We Do. 

If you have a goal for how you want the world to see your business, then we have a Strategy, Methodology, or Process to get you there and fast. The world is quickly becoming a completely digital world. You know this, we know this.

We help you execute on that knowledge, always looking for better ways to get you, your message and your business in the right place at the right time. This is business and marketing in a nutshell. Do that well and you win the game! We use our Cardiff SEO expertise, understanding of Social Media and knowledge of Online Marketing to make sure you game is well and truly won.



Nearly all business queries start in search. We want to make sure that you are seen and seen first. Our aim is to dominate your marketplace for the keywords your customers are using to find you.
“Social Media Is The Internet!” Our eyeballs and ears spend more time hear than any other place online. We make sure that you not only are present, but that you also stand head and shoulders about your competition.
Content Is Still King – Your customers only know you are alive if you are constantly producing fresh content. Too many business fall on their own sword because they fail to produce anything fresh or new to educate, entertain or inform their customers. We make sure this never happens to you.
Email marketing Still works, but only if done right. Most people get this badly wrong, and bore their customers into not opening their email. We show you how to get your email opened and your message received and welcomed. If done well email marketing can give you a powerful advantage over your competition.
We all know that first impression count. We also know that a book is more than its cover. We create websites and brands that convert. We want our websites to sell not just look pretty. Most don’t know how create sites that do both, look good and sell. We Do!?

Choosing An SEO Service

What to Look For in an Expert SEO Company in Cardiff 

If you look forward to landing on a worthwhile, valuable SEO expert company in Cardiff, UK that has your specific interests at heart, you are going to want to be very careful and alert. You will want to get a deeper understanding of certain essential factors that separates the experts from the novice and inexperienced, and how well to work them out to spot the best fit for you. In the online world, time is always against you. You want to get a good exposure for you business in order to succeed and there are thousands of other like minded people who are still tirelessly striving for the same. And these website owners will take advantage of any opportunity that comes their way without leaving any stone unturned.

Such competitors are always trying to keep up with your pace while keeping their eyes peeled for any mistakes, slip ups and sloths that you show clear hints of, and then leverage them to win better rankings in the search engines for their businesses. This means that if you dare stumble, all the traffic you could have gotten by being ranked first, will go to your rivals. And this will happen by simply having their sites ranked better than yours and the online searchers seeing their posts and pages first and clicking on them. This done, means money in someone else’s pocket.

So, you can see how important it is to leave no loose ends. And if you want to be always rewarded with wonderful rankings by Google, the search giant along with other engines, you will want to get your business an accurate search engine optimization company. In Cardiff SEO experts are quite hard to get. You will want to perform a good research to get yourself the best. And to help you save time and effort to secure one for yourself, here are seven key pointers to the perfect fit for a Cardiff SEO company, which will shorten your search and bring to you professional, reliable and accurate seo servicing that will pay you for many years to come:

1. Understanding Your Specific Goal or Aim
Above all else, what you want to achieve, your goal, is what matters at the end of the day. And you will want to get a company that steers your business towards that very specific direction. You don’t want to get a company that delivers to you just what they think and want, no! You should get one that has your specific requirements and expectations as the center and heart of their service. Their methods of operation and tactics should aim at bringing more traffic on board, making more conversions and even more sales all the time. That is what is most important!

2. Understanding Your Current Standing
A quality company will always make sure they get to know well where you currently are, where you business is at, at that particular moment. Without knowing where you are, how can you know where you are heading to? Getting to comprehend where your business is and how it is doing is the first step towards boosting it up. This is so in the sense that, you are where you presently are because of some certain strategies you have been working with or have not been working with the right way, depending on what you have.

And this is where the problem should be, in your marketing strategies. Identifying this will help the company know what solution will work best for your business and how best to apply it. But if the company directs their attention to something else other than that, know they are doing their own stuff, and they will fail your business terribly.

3. The Perfect Strategy to Get You There
When it comes to getting your company seen using the search engine optimization strategy, time is never on your side, because right from the get go, you have a barrage of competitors literally fighting you for domination in your particular business niche. Each of you on the search ladder trying to scramble over the person on the wrung ahead of you. And the strategies that your SEO agents suggest that you use need to be perfect enough to get your business to the best of rankings in order to increase your visibility and reach, all the while giving you ample time to direct your attention to the frequent demands of that same business. The SEO company that you are to settle for should prepare a strategy that makes your ranking ladder easy and fast to make the climb much more smooth.

4. The Specifics Of Keyword Optimization
In order for you to rank well, you need keyword optimization, an extremely important aspect of SEO, on your website. This is to ensure that your customers can find you when they are doing a specific keyword search for a product or service that you sell. Also, you will need to ensure that the search engine spiders rank you appropriately for what you want to be searched for. At Mosaica Media, the top rated SEO expert Cardiff, we know it is important to do an in-depth analysis at first to make sure you always get seen by your customers for the right reasons and not just any other reason. So we look to find what you are currently ranking for, if anything, and then look for the best keywords, that have got high traffic and low competition for you to easily rank for. We provide a detailed analysis and a variety of professional suggestions of where you need to be concentrating your efforts in order to make the most revenue from this process.

5. Performing Linking Strategies
Once you know the exact keywords you want to rank for, you will need a solid linking strategy to ensure that your keywords get seen as you want them to. Also, your SEO company will need to work on developing one-way and reciprocal links to you because these are the most important parameters that the search engines look for. Your SEO company should also perform a comprehensive analysis of the existing links within your website and show you how they will proceed to improve it. All these linking strategies will be helping your pages to be loved by Google and make the Google crawling process easy. Linking shows search engine you understand SEO and this is what will boost your rankings wildly.

6. Only Pay For Quality Services
There is an old expression “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”, your search engine optimization company should know the difference. It can often take a lot of hard work to get you to rank for keywords that get you a decent amount of “money” traffic. So you shouldn’t be motivated by scraping the bottom of the barrel to find the cheapest service but you should instead look for the SEO experts who charge you a reasonable price but in return deliver you exceptional services, that most importantly bring you the most value.

7. The Size of Your Company (Not Theirs)
When you are choosing an SEO Company make sure they are pricing on the size of your company, not theirs. Too many companies worry about what they need to charge and not about what is appropriate for your company’s needs in proportion to its size. SEO is NOT a one size fits all equation and Mosaica Media understands that each service has to be tailored to perfectly suit needs of the individual company it is dealing with, and not just to fix prices based on their own needs. Cookie cutter strategies only work in the baking industry and not in the real world. You need to have a service that is specific to you and strictly nothing less than that.

So there you have it!

If you follow these tips wisely when you go looking for the right search engine optimization company, then you can be sure that you will always be on the right path to increasing your presence online. Picking an SEO expert can be hard, we honestly get that. It is hard because if you chose the wrong one, it is going to cost your business much money, not only from the cost of the service but also to the lost revenue, if they do a bad job. Mosaica Media, will ensure that you don’t make such a mistake. And we truly pride ourselves in bridging the gap between your business and good rankings.

Now is the time for you to start domination your competition!

And in order for you to do that, we would like to provide you with a complimentary analysis of your existing website and give you an honest assessment of the changes you need to do to improve it.

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